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ESS  Documentaries

Eutrophication Explained

​Deforestation creating climate issues for the Amazon rainforest - YouTube

​Undrinkable: The Flint Water Emergency

A Plastic Wave - A documentary film on plastic pollution

​IB ESS Topic 5.2 Terrestrial Food Production Systems and Food Choices

​Aquatic Ecosystems

​IB ESS Topic 7.2: Climate Change - causes and impacts

​Risking it all: Alaska and the English Channel [Extreme Fishing Documentary] | Real Wild

​Science Documentary: Ecosystems, Biotic & Abiotic Factors, and the Carbon & Water Cycles

​Coronavirus Is Helping the Environment — for Now

​Clearer water, cleaner air: the environmental effects of coronavirus

IB ESS Topic 1.5 Humans and Pollution

IB ESS Topic 2.1 Species and Populations

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